Christmas tree salad

Material Science:

Potatoes, broccoli, peppers or fruits of all colors, salad dressing, salt, black pepper

Production method:

1、Wash the potatoes, peel them, slice them, steam them in water, press them into mashed potatoes while they are hot, add salt and black pepper to taste them while they are hot. (diced bacon in mashed potatoes is delicious, or it can be made vegetarian with diced vegetables)

2、Break the broccoli into small flowers, wash them, scald them, control the water content, and add a little salt to taste them.

3、Use the mold to press out the star on the pepper, or any shape you like, to decorate the Christmas tree

4、Take a favorite dish, make the mashed potato into a cone shape, and put it in the middle of the dish

5、Put the boiled broccoli on the mashed potato to make it look like a Christmas tree, and decorate it with star vegetables

6、After the Christmas tree is finished, you can also put the salad dressing into the decoration bag, extrude lines on the Christmas tree, and then decorate it

Many people will make this salad at Christmas, which is to assemble a Christmas tree with broccoli. The main materials are broccoli and mashed potatoes. The rest of the salad can give full play to your imagination and decorate your own Christmas tree


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