Christmas decoration

It’s Christmas, are you all creating your own Christmas? If Christmas is not going to travel, I will arrange a Christmas party, and today I will share with you how to arrange a warm and happy Christmas at home~

Christmas tree, it is very important to choose a tall Christmas tree. Most of the decoration on the tree has matching, but not much. If you like the Christmas tree looks very rich, the decorations should buy more.

Under the Christmas tree: Basically, it is a gift or artificial snow. I like to put gifts on my own. It looks like a gift full of happiness. If there are not so many gifts to decorate the tree, buy some different colored gift boxes and ornaments such as snowmen. Also very nice.

At the dining table, the value of the face is very important. I will choose the traditional Christmas red for the table cloth. The bright color can enhance the overall warmth. With the white tableware, the color will not be too complicated. Red wine is decorated with a special Christmas wine set to enrich the table.

Christmas gifts: I believe that everyone likes the sense of dignity when demolition gifts. Generally, cosmetics, perfumes, flowers, etc. are prepared for girls. Boys prepare perfumes, wear accessories, etc. Children prepare toys.

Walls, suitable for some foam snowflake, Santa wall stickers, bell decorations, colored flags, etc. Make the whole environment more festive

Shop window: If there is big glass in the house, buy some glass stickers and snowflake pieces to make the window vivid.

Others, such as tables or shelves around the corner, can buy some table balloons, Santa Claus, deer and snowman ornaments. Chandeliers can be used to buy hanging Santa Claus. Christmas hats and Christmas headbands are also very much needed.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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